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I don't know specific titles, family fare not being my usual preference, but
you direct your Children's Services selectors to Questar's vast holdings of
G-rated and family fare. They have feature films, documentaries and
television series, many from Canadian and Australian TV, very G-rated and
sweet to a fault. All Things Family is another provider of such material,
and if they're comfortable with an overt Christian component to the vids,
Gateway Films/Vision Video has a large selection including my cataloging
bete noir, the Cherub Wings series of high-pitched, electronically-voiced

Mike Tribby
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From: Cecilia Hurt []
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 3:10 PM
Subject: [Videolib] Family Films?

Hello, everyone!

I would like to call upon y'all's collective expertise. I have not seen any
questions about children's programming on the listserv before, so I hope it
is appropriate for me to post here.

My library's Children's Services department is looking for movies or
documentaries that meet the following criteria:

--G rating, but with an all ages appeal
--less than 100 minutes
--available to purchase on DVD
--dealing with the theme of animals or wilderness

Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated!

Cecilia Hurt
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have hope for man."
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Subject: Re: [Videolib] A question for pre-tenured Academic Media Librarians

I would recommend the Association of Moving Image Archivists

There is an annual conference (This year in Austin, TX in late November as
well as a journal, Tee Moving Image, and a quarterly newsletter. In terms
of Committees that may overlap with media librarianship, there is the
Education Committee, the Cataloguing Committee and the Academic-Archival

Interest Group.

We also have a scholarship-fellowship program and, since I was on the
selection committee for a number of year, several recipients where from
Library Schools.


At 11:23 AM 4/13/2005, you wrote:
>I have a question for all of you pre-tenured (or tenured) media
>librarians. I hope your response will help other media librarians in
>this position.
>Can you recommend other national conferences or venues where a media
>librarian may be able to promote media librarianship (as a presenter,
>moderator, or with a poster session) other than ALA, ACRL, CCUM, or the
>National Media Market. Have any of you had the opportunity to promote
>media librarianship at a conference outside of the U.S.? Have you had
>the opportunity to collaborate with faculty, and present a paper at a
>conference or for publication? If yes, would you be willing to share
>some of your topics/ideas.
>Your advice is helpful. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with
>other pre-tenured media librarians.
>Feel free to contact me off-line if you are not comfortable posting to
>the entire list.
>Monique Threatt
>Media Librarian
>Herman B Wells Library
>Bloomington, IN 47408
>812 855-9857
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