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John Streepy (John.Streepy@cwu.EDU)
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I remember a little while back you mentioning this problem with the low
end dvd players (Our department has a couple Norcent players that cost
about $40 each a couple years ago but have been little troopers, crappy
remotes but that is another discussion) Is there any theory on why the
groves are being cut? Is the disc resting in the tray as it plays, I
always thought the disc was lifted slightly by the drive motor. Just

On the subject of disc damage, we had a patron donate a disc that had a
strange starbust pattern eminating from the center. It played fine,
except in one spot, so it won't go into the collection, but I've
wondered what could have made that kind of pattern. Disc Dr. perhaps?


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Hi Liene, Jim Scholtz here. Yes, I have seen such damage on a
basis returned from use on our collection. We also clean/repair DVDs
from 2
video chain stores regularly and have confirmed reported from their
office. Teh damage you describe results in playback from "cheap" DVD
players (commonly, the $39.95 versions available at Walmart, KMart,
Essentially, they cut grooves in the discs upon playback - even afer
just 1
playback! Not really the fault of the patron - nothing they are doing
wrong. Problem is difficult to repair - machine-wise and the answer is
buy a better DVD player. Discs are also being made much more cheaply
(plastic upper and lower layers come apart, metal foil is not as thick
pits "pop" up causing pixilation in even new discs, hubs are not
like before. Abnormal heat and spin can make DVDs "shatter" or explode
the player (this was actually fun to watch). Don't know the answer -
we are
just notifying the patron/verifying the various brand names and where
purchased player (APEX is on brand, but we've also had it happen on

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Hi -

We are having a strange DVD problem in our library. DVDs are being
with circular "scratches" or grooves about 1/4 or 1/2 inch from the
They are perfect circles, not really scratches, and interfere with the
playing of the DVD. Has anyone seen damage like this? Is it possible
for a
DVD player to damage a disc? Any answers would be greatly


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