[Videolib] Question about site license agreement from ABC

Renee Zurn (rzurn@duluth.lib.mn.us)
Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:47:13 -0500

Hello everyone.
Today I received a DVD I had ordered from ABC News, "UFO: seeing is believing" that was mailed to me with the address listed as the Duluth Public Library. This DVD came with a site licence agreement that has me confused. I will list the two parts of the agreement that are confusing to me:

1. "grants all employees of licensee a two-year non-exclusive license to use this video under the conditions stated below. This agreement expires on 04/04/2007.

2. "This videotape cannot be produced, duplicated, sole, rented or used in litigation."

Does this mean that the library can not check-out this DVD to the general public? It is not being "rented" but it is also not being used by employees.

Does this mean that after two years I need to toss the DVD, not give it to our Friends group to sell, or pay the re-license fee of $25.00?

I have purchased DVDs from them before and did not get this license in with the DVD. Please enlighten me!

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
Duluth MN

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