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Judith Thomas (
Fri, 8 Apr 2005 14:05:31 -0400

We've been ILL lending for years, and we have very mixed feelings
about it.

We discourage our faculty from borrowing from other libraries if we can
possibly buy the title ourselves: we'd much rather buy it than spend
the $20-25 true cost of borrowing a copy from another library. Our
video budget allow us to buy pretty much what faculty ask for, even the
more expensive documentary titles. In terms of lending, much of our
lending falls into two categories: 1)
expensive/difficult-to-acquire/out of print titles for which everyone
seems to be looking; 2) popular titles. With regards to the first,
we're not all that crazy about lending the tapes for preservation
reasons. (Irreplaceable tapes are often put on permanent reserve - at
least then we can control the playback environment.) With regards to
the second category, we're reluctant to devote any resources to lending
Legally Blonde to any institution, for all the obvious reasons. If we
lend it to another institution, we're effectively keeping that high
demand title out of the hands of our own clientele.

We have high circulation figures for our 25,000 item circulating
collection, and our clients - especially the faculty - are unhappy
when the video they want disappears for up to two weeks to another
school. It's much harder to recover videos for reserve when they're
out on an ILL loan.

So we're in the process of re-examining our ILL policies. We'll
certainly scale back, but we won't do away with that service entirely.

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