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*Are there horror stories of what has happened when titles were loaned out, even with strict limitations on their use?
When I worked ILL (at another institution), we had Libraries contact us to borrow materials (not just Media) that we would put special restrictions on. The Library staff member at the borrowing Library would agree to everything we required. My Library would request things like certain packaging, return in the original packaging, the item be insured or used only in-house. We would get the item back damaged, not insured or packed badly. I do not know if the Library staff member I talked to had no control what happened to the item once they received it. Or, hey we got the item who cares what we promised to get it.

One item which still sticks in my memory was a book that was in our Special Collections. We were the only Library in the U.S. that had cataloged it on OCLC. A faculty member, at a University in California, wanted to borrow it because he was writing a book on the subject. We sent it to them by UPS and they promised to return it the same way in the original packaging. Also, we requested that the book be used in-house. The book was in pristine condition when we sent it to them. The book came back through the U.S. mail, no insurance, wrapped in brown paper (which got torn), taped to the book, and somebody had underlined certain passages in ink.

Most of the problems we had with Media was improper packaging where we ended up with cracked cases.

Yes, many Libraries will follow reasonable requests. When a Library does not follow the requests, it can become extremely problematic.

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