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Holly Sammons (
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 12:17:56 -0400

I have for many years argued to my administration that we need to be
"more than blockbuster"
It has fallen in deaf ears to a greater degree. The popular titles
circulate so well that it keeps the statistics up.
I have also argued against purchasing TV series that are currently
running on any given night and you don't need a pay subscription to see
them, ie Friends or Seinfeld. That too has been ignored because of demand.

At the same time, we have one of the finest foreign language collections
around. Students in film classes (at Syracuse U) regularly use our
collection, so I take comfort in knowing that we DO have a large
collection of films that no one in the area can rent or has rarely had
the opportunity to see in a theatre.

I guess I'm old school, in that I believe we can't be all things to all

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
447 So Salina Street
Syracuse New York  13202

Bergman, Barbara J wrote:

>A question probably more for public librarians... >Just out of curiosity -- > >At your library, how do you balance the purchase of "popular" items that >can be found at any video store versus the lesser-known titles that >aren't easily available? >Any political issues -- such as video budget linked to number >circulated? > >Barb > > >

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