Re: [Videolib] Wired for Retirement

Jerry Notaro (
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:09:28 -0500

There was a story on last night news here in Florida about a county official
who wants the library to stop buying DVD's and buy more books. She is a
former teacher. I guess Media Librarians are next to be blamed for low
reading scores. One astute teenager told the reporter that media was the
only reason many teens are ever in a library to begin with and some may pick
up a book along with their media, something they may have never done if it
weren't for the DVD's.


> Check out the Miami-Dade Public Library System's catalog (
> to see the kind of titles that circulate. Patrons want popular movies,
> just like they want popular books. The public pays for library
> materials through their taxes; they should get what they want, be it
> DVDs, books, audio books, language instruction materials, Internet
> access computers, etc. As a Collection Development librarian in a large
> urban public library, I must be in touch with what my customers want, be
> it "high-brow" or "low-brow" materials or anything in between.
> And, I'm a long way from retirement, unless I win the lottery.

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