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Sad. I assume the vendor thinks they somehow lost a sale because the ILL.
I, on the other hand, am recalling the many times I've had faculty come to me and say "I got this video through ILL. It was good. Can you buy it?"

If their was a license agreement, maybe it created severe limitations. Otherwise, as we know, the Doctrine of First Sale lets us lend books and videos at our discretion.


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Hello Diane (et. al.),

At a conference last fall, I'd spoken to a vendor who was in the process of suing a library because they had ILL'ed a video to another within their consortium (details are hazy, so I won't even try to provide them).  He was adamant that this most certainly was a rights infringement because he had sold this copy to this particular organization for their use and their use alone.  So that may certainly be a concern to take into account.  I have no idea how this ended, but I'd be interested to hear if any other VideoLib folks may have heard about situations like this.


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Diane Sybeldon wrote:
Perhaps you've been discussing this of late and I missed it,
but here goes...
Has anyone changed their NO ILL LENDING policy for videos
and film to a lending policy?
And if so, why?
We just went live with INN-Reach - an Innovative based consortial
borrowing system for a potential of 800 libraries including
public, academic, medical, and other special libraries. 
Only one of the 35 libraries who are up and running so far
has offered to lend.
Increasing circulation figures for expensive educational
films with low circulation would seem like a plus.
Making expensive items available to libraries that can't
purchase them seems like another.
Borrowing Blockbuster features seems like a negative.
Lending older format items to libraries who still have playing
equipment for laser disks, 16mm film, seems like another.
Any comments?
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