RE: [Videolib] Interfiling in public academic library

Bergman, Barbara J (
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 21:08:15 -0500

Although I agree with the comments to the effect that interfiling with
other formats is a bad thing, I do want to put in a plug for the
benefits of open stacks for videos.

We've found that moving from closed to open stacks was a good thing, for
many reasons:

-Circulation of videos is up

-Patrons are more aware of the collection and they enjoy browsing
without having to beg permission

-Videos are available at all hours that the library is open, not just
when our area is staffed.

-We mark booked videos with the screening date and pull a week in
advance to ensure that they are available as requested.

-We still have the same number of faculty who do not book a video, and
then complain because it's checked out.

-There have not been anymore missing videos than we used to have in
supposedly secure closed stacks. We're more likely to lose a disc
because no one caught it when the empty box was returned.

-No security system is perfect -- you'll want to consider your user base
and decide on the most appropriate method for your library

-Our service counter is still right next door, so we're still able to
provide assistance and recommendations

Yes, it was a bit scary for some people to make the change, but I think
they've all come around.

Barb Bergman
Media Services Librarian
Minnesota State University-Mankato
(507) 389-5945

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