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Mike Tribby (
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 14:54:13 -0500

"[T]he complete market of available DVD titles in the respective countries"
apparently doesn't include Wild in the Streets or either of the Decline of
Western Civilization documentaries since I searched both of the links Peter
Delin posted and came up empty on those titles. Netflix didn't have the
English movie Rude Boy (they had the Jamaican one--a completely different
film) or Performance either. Of course this could all be due to something in
my search technique or merely reflect badly on my taste in movies, too. On a search for Watermelon Man brought back Watermelon
Woman--both nice films, but I hardly find Godfrey Cambridge and Camille
Paglia to be interchangeable. Both sources did have Hell's Angels on Wheels
and Baise Moi, though; very commendable. And of course they both had plenty
of recent action/adventure titles, and Napoleon Dynamite, hardly a surprise,
but nice to know.

And yes, it did happen today.

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