Re: [Videolib] PPRs vs. Limited PPRs

Stephen Davies (
Tue, 5 Apr 2005 10:29:07 -0600

these are the distinctions we make at Mount Royal College, Calgary,
when asking a vendor for PPR:

- Classroom Use for Mount Royal College courses (PPR) <== This is the
obvious one.
- Individual viewing in MRC library facilities
- MRC in house closed circuit TV for classroom use
- Loan to students registered at MRC in distance education courses
- MRC library loan to other post secondary educational institutions
within the province of Alberta
- MRC library loan to non-profit organizations within Calgary who
agree not to use this item for commercial purposes or to duplicate in whole
or in part in any manner

Over the years we have had at least one vendor specify one or another
of these limitations, so we finally broke them all down and let the vendor
check off which activities they approve. It's much easier for us to
remember vendor preferences when we have one of our completed forms to
refer to.
Another PPR limitation might be the length of the PPR license. It
could be for the life of the tape/DVD or it could be for a more specific
The Canadian copyright education exemptions may be expanded sometime
soon; however, we expect a video PPR license will still trump copyright

Stephen Davies
Mount Royal College Library


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