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RE: The death of DVD.

Beware of predictions of the demise of media formats (eg radio (displaced by TV), movies (displaced by TV and videos) , audiocassettes (displaced by CDs). (Yes, audiocassettes are still used alot for everyday recording.) Especially when such predictions are by people immersed in the business of technology.
There is another format which I've heard a bit about which makes real sense to me and could easily coexist as an alternative to downloading. And that is solid state - think flash memory which people are carrying around. It won't be long before enough memory can be fit onto a card about the size of a credit card that will hold a full movie. I guess it can be done now, but it's pricey. Prices will come down, though. As a replacement for discs (whirlygigs) it's great. It won't be subject to the mechanical wear and tear problems that discs are. And it provides an artifact to buy or borrow from libraries for those people who don't want to spend time downloading, etc at their computers, or who don't have computers (let's not forget the have-nots). I think these people will be around for quite a while. After all, the book was supposed to have disappeared by now. I have a theory that people will not want to give up their cultural artifacts so easily. Do you remember when it was exciting
to go through someone's record collection? Now we are displaying our record covers on the wall as art. What will the downloading generation display on their walls?
But I digress. In any event, tomorrow's disc players will be backward compatible for quite a while, so library's disc collections will not become obsolete overnight. And I think they'll be replaced by something else, downloading notwith- standing.

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>In case you haven't already seen it, Wired has an interesting and brief
>article about the death of DVD:
>Probably not too early to start thinking about how this will affect
>libraries (though I suspect many have already been thinking about this for
>a while). Or start looking for new jobs?
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