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Hey Nancy!
Come on over to GNLIB-L,

where Kat and a whole bunch of librarians talk anime,
graphic novels, and manga constantly! Most of the
librarians buy, watch and read the same things for their
personal collections that they buy for the libraries. You
can find age appropriate suggestions, critical reviews,
etc. The list sometimes veers off into geek talk, but be
patient with us! The conversation eventually gets back
around to anime and manga.

This list is hosted by Topica, but the above address gives
subscription info.

On Mon, 04 Apr 2005 15:35:20 -0400
Meghann Matwichuk <> wrote:
> I subscribed to VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) for some
>time, and there is a very useful column called
>/Graphically Speaking/ by Kat Kan that may be useful to
>you -- I know it primarily deals with graphic novels and
>comics, but can't remember if it ever includes AV
>materials. You can view a sample column at:
> Also, Kat herself might have some suggestions -- she has
>been very helpful to me in the past when working on a
>project in this area, but I no longer have her email
>readily available. You may be able to contact her
>through .
> Best,
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> Nancy Miller wrote:
>>Other than Video Librarian, what other sources of reviews
>>of anime can anyone on the list recommend? I am adding
>>more to our public library collection, but find that
>>reviews are often hard to come by.
>>Nancy M. Miller, MSLS
>>Collection Development Librarian
>>Virginia Beach Public Library
>>4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
>>Virginia Beach, VA 23452-1767
>>Voice: 757-431-3046
>>FAX: 757-431-3741
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>><DIV>Other than Video Librarian, what other sources of
>>reviews&nbsp;of anime can anyone on the list
>>recommend?&nbsp; I am adding more to our public library
>>collection, but find that reviews are often hard to come
>><DIV>Nancy M. Miller, MSLS<BR>Collection Development
>>Librarian<BR>Virginia Beach Public Library<BR>4100
>>Virginia Beach Blvd.<BR>Virginia Beach, VA
>><DIV>Voice:&nbsp; 757-431-3046<BR>FAX:&nbsp;
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