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We have been quality checking every item we purchase for 30 years. Nowdays
we (1 staff person and a few students) spot check them, beginning to end.
We even check the ones for which there is no possibility of a replacement
(donations, "the only one we could find," going out of stock, etc.) so we
can add a statement to the bib record indicating poor video/audio quality
when needed. If we keep a title that a faculty member previewed for content,
we rely on the faculty member to notify us of defects. Over the years we
have caught many a defective item (improperly labeled, poor technical
quality, blank item) before it reaches the classroom. We purchase 350+
titles per year. Our department budget has not been adjusted for inflation
since the mid 1980s and has recently been mined for state budget shortfalls,
so we want to be sure we get our money's worth on each and every item. Our
patrons are also quick to let us know when we have overlooked something
(running time listed is longer/shorter than the item plays, version is
different than stated, etc.), and we've found that the more reliable our
information is at the beginning, the more respect we receive from faculty in
all areas of our service. As for comparing this process to reading every
book that the library purchases before processing, I hope that someone
handling the print materials opens them to determine whether there are blank
or ink blotted pages, or whether the cover that lists "The Pillars of the
Earth" contains Ken Follett's novel or an architectural history of columns.
The purpose is the same, it's just the media and the processes that are
Good luck in maintaining your quality control.

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> Hello all,
> just a quick question for this happy Friday: Who in your library
> previews your videos (meaning quaily control after you have purchased,
> not evailuate for possible purchase)? Here it has been tradionally done
> by our Media Circulation department, but our dean just informed my boss
> that he does not want us previewing materials any more. I, in the hope
> of providing a convincing argument against this new policy, would like
> to get a handle on how other libraries do what I think is a necessary
> part of our job
> thanks
> jhs.
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