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Meghann Matwichuk (
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 15:50:39 -0500

We have the students here in the Instructional Media Department preview
materials. We have double coverage on evenings and weekends for
security (among other) reasons, and it works nicely to have one student
on our public service desk and the other in back scanning new
materials. We do catch many flawed items -- I can't imagine not having
this procedure in place. The students do not watch the items the entire
way through; they are scanned chapter-to-chapter or fast-forwarded.
We've caught many problems (with sound, bad dvd pressings, scratched
disks just out of the package, etc.) this way, and are able to send them
back to the distributor for a replacement before our acquisitions staff
has payed for them. I can't imagine this not being done in our
department, either. We've caught items coming through that either are
different from what we've ordered, or where there are mistakes on the
packaging that we know would cause a gigantic headache (pt. 2 labeled as
pt. 3, etc.) -- things that another department who doesn't see the
material through the same lens that we do might not notice. For
instance, we recently received a dvd from an otherwise reputable
distributor that was a dvd-r burn (not in itself necessarily a bad
thing) with a square label slapped on the top. Would acquisitions
recognize that this kind of label could offset the dvd or render it
unplayable in some machines? I'm not so sure. They have plenty of
other minutae to deal with.


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John Streepy wrote:

>Hello all,
>just a quick question for this happy Friday: Who in your library
>previews your videos (meaning quaily control after you have purchased,
>not evailuate for possible purchase)? Here it has been tradionally done
>by our Media Circulation department, but our dean just informed my boss
>that he does not want us previewing materials any more. I, in the hope
>of providing a convincing argument against this new policy, would like
>to get a handle on how other libraries do what I think is a necessary
>part of our job
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