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We have never done it here. We don't have the time or the staff. When you say you do this for quality control, I'm not sure if you mean you are checking to be sure the tape/DVD works properly, or if you want to be sure that meets your aesthetic/critical criteria. Either way I can't see a reason to do this, anymore than I can imagine requiring staff to read every book that comes in.

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Hello all,
just a quick question for this happy Friday: Who in your library
previews your videos (meaning quaily control after you have purchased,
not evailuate for possible purchase)? Here it has been tradionally done
by our Media Circulation department, but our dean just informed my boss
that he does not want us previewing materials any more. I, in the hope
of providing a convincing argument against this new policy, would like
to get a handle on how other libraries do what I think is a necessary
part of our job

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