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Gary Handman (
Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:21:04 -0800

Hi Meghann

take a look at't claim it's
absolutely comprehensive, but it's a start.

Gary Handman

At 01:48 PM 3/31/2005 -0500, Meghann Matwichuk wrote:
>Hello All,
>I'm working on updating some of our print reference material last tended
>to in the early 90s, and I've selected the directories as needing the most
>immediate attention. I'm noticing that a number of our older directories
>have ceased publication, so I wanted to check with the collective brain
>for any recommendations on updated directories (film actors, directors,
>cinematographers, etc.) and/or any other stellar film studies reference
>sources recently published before I head off to consult Directories In
>Print and Choice.
>Thanks in advance,
>Meghann R. Matwichuk
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