[Videolib] Recommended Directories / Film Studies Reference

Meghann Matwichuk (mtwchk@udel.edu)
Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:48:08 -0500

Hello All,

I'm working on updating some of our print reference material last tended
to in the early 90s, and I've selected the directories as needing the
most immediate attention. I'm noticing that a number of our older
directories have ceased publication, so I wanted to check with the
collective brain for any recommendations on updated directories (film
actors, directors, cinematographers, etc.) and/or any other stellar film
studies reference sources recently published before I head off to
consult Directories In Print and Choice.

Thanks in advance,

Meghann R. Matwichuk
Instructional Media Department
Morris Library
University of Delaware
181 S. College Ave.
Newark, DE 19717
(302) 831-1475
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