[Videolib] Re: video replacement policies (David Wright)

Wed, 30 Mar 2005 06:39:00 -0000 (UTC)

We have many rental store and library clients that repair their discs on a
cycling basis - after they are checked out 'x' number of times or after
daily demand for a newly released disc begins to decline allowing for a
short vacation.

I think most clients send them to us to avoid complaints and to keep the
discs in good working order. We visually inspect the discs and attempt to
fix only those discs that appear repairable. Our professional repair
equipment is able to return the discs to 'like new' condition. I am a
firm believer in that if you keep your discs looking nice, so will your
patrons. People don't want to be the first to scratch a disc but if one
is already scratched up, I think they naturally tend to handle it less

Sending discs in on a rotation basis also allows us to inspect and
proactively add label and hub protectors. In this way, a peeling or
flaking label or a carcking center hub area is caught before it damages
the disc beyond repair or ruin a patron's DVD player.

By following a repair program in this way, you can take a proactive
approach maintaining your collection and avoid complaints about skipping
discs. Nothing frustrates a user more than checking out a disc and taking
it home only to find out it won't play. It would anger me further if I
then took it back and reported it only to have an argument over whether I
damaged the disc and face a fine.

Mass replacement of your collection isn't necessary as most discs can be
repaired up to a dozen times before they become too worn to repair. By
repairing, rather than replacing, your collection you can save hundreds or
thousands of budget dollars to expand, rather than replace, your
collection. We have digital equipment that is able to test discs to
ensure the have been successfully repaired. Repair machines, parts,
supplies, test equipment and labor can get pretty costly and, as I have
said in the past, most users would benefit greatly from outsourcing this
specialized area. I know our model only works because of the high volume
of discs we repair.

Rather than sounding any more like an advertisement, I would invite you to
talk further with us or another repair provider. If you have further
questions about disc repair, I'd be happy to receive your email me or
simply give me a call.

David Wright

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