[Videolib] video replacement policies

John C. DeSantis (John.C.DeSantis@Dartmouth.EDU)
28 Mar 2005 17:06:00 EST

The Jones Media Center in the Dartmouth College Library is developing a policy for replacing videos (VHS and DVD) and wondering if other libraries/media centers have experience with this. We have some DVDs that have circulated more than 200 times, for example, and almost 100 that have been checked out at least 100 times. We're wondering if other media centers have any policies or rules of thumb about replacing videos automatically if they have circulated "x" number of times or whether they only replace them when they are damaged or missing. Any information that you might have learned from video stores on this topic would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

John DeSantis
Dartmouth College

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