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ANSCR was developed to be an easily understood, browsable and flexible system (as opposed to LC, for example). The problem is that it needs to be revised over time as music (especially pop) evolves. It was only formally revised once quite some time ago. However, there are libraries that do their own updating - such as mine - and post their categories online. Skokie Public Lib has a good system. Ours is not posted. Some of the changes in recent years are new categories for New Age, Rap, Reggae, a separate category for blues, etc. We have left "Q" (international traditional, ethnic, regional) to encompass World music, which is what it is. However, we just created WorldBeat,which is blended, or fusion, world music. My disappointment is that ANSCR hasn't been maintained as a standardized system, which I feel was one of its advantages, especially with extensive resource-sharing going on regionally around the country. It would be great to have someone take on the task of reviving an A
NSCR committee to revise and maintain the system.
Fred Sandner
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