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There are some excellent old films but not sure what formats you can use
I would HIGHLY recommend BORDERTOWN with Paul Muni which WAS in print on VHS
so perhaps Swank can license it. Some of the best once have never come out
on VHS including believe it or not 3 great films with Ricardo Montalban (
Border Incident, Mystery Street, My Man and I). There are also a load of
suitably goofy early talkies like TH LASH, IN OLD ARIZONA ( Cisco Kid) and
almost anything with Gilbert Roland but only ARIZONA is on Video

Just curious if the series is intended to show mostly standard stereotypes
or if films like Border Incident which are VERY different would if available
be of interest.

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> Subject: [Videolib] Hispanic on tv and early film series
> VCU is looking for stereotypes of Hispanics (Latinos, Chicanos) in
> television or film (not contemporary). We already have Zorro, Speedy
> Gonzales, and Chico and the Man (where can we get this last one?). We
> also have the /Carmen Moranda Bananas/ are My Business documentary and
> the Bronze Screen doc.
> We reviewed Gary's great list of Hispanic related docs from the Univ.
> Berkely site and Viewing Race site.
> Suggestions? Ideas?
> Thanks!!!!
> Nell Chenault
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