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Just one thing about the radio frequency from Checkpoint. It is very
weird, and I really haven't heard of it happening anywhere else, and we
can't explain it here. We used to target our audiobooks on cassette.
We then noticed a substantial increase in the number of cassette
programs returned with patron complaints about muddied sound, etc. The
complaints stopped when we stopped targeting the cassette audiobooks.
Totally bizarre - with no explanation!


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Subject: [Videolib] Security system - your input, please

Hello All,
We are looking at adding a security system (you mean you haven't had
one?!?) to our library. The contenders in electromagnetic include 3M and
Checkpoint, and in radio frequency, RF from Checkpoint (stripped down
version of the full RFID system). I would like feedback from any of you
using these systems, for books as well as A/V materials. I have seen
several comments over time on the 3M tags and DVD's (mostly negative).
We are leaning toward RF from Checkpoint. Thanks for any insights you
can give me. Val

Valerie Gangwer
Director of Audiovisual Services
Mary Baldwin College

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