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> Monique,
> Interesting message! Thanks for letting us know.
> I wanted you to know that my community college has a procedure where
> faculty and staff cannot "leave" the campus without going through a
> clearance process across the campus. (Have they returned any and all
> building keys that they might have? Do they have anything overdue
> at the
> campus library?) So it might be onerous to have this happen on your
> campus, but maybe your library could have some way of being notified
> when faculty and staff leave campus? Instead of finding out that
> someone's left campus from the police?
> Just a thought.
> Gerie Ventura
> Library, Media Services
> Highline Community College
> Des Moines, Washington
> (Not near Mount St. Helens)
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> Hello everyone,
> You will not believe this!
> Remember my post about the faculty member who was overheard talking
> about making illegal copies for his personal collection? Well,
> yesterday, Media received a call from the police department.
> Apparently, the police were in the throes of serving this person a
> warrant for stolen items when they also came across our labeled DVDs.
> Anyway, the IUPD believes the guy was copying the DVDs and selling
> themon EBAY. Our media coordinator had to go identify the movies and
> retrieve them. The police took pictures for evidence.
> Out of the 30 titles (which were overdue), we were able to recuperate
> 28. Wow, talk about justice served! We later learned that this
> facultymember had been arrested and released for prescription drug
> abuse,stolen equipment, and dismissed by his department a few
> months ago.
> Jeez, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for this person who
> apparently has spiraled out-of-control, resorted to illegal means to
> make a living, and now will probably serve time in jail. A very sad
> ending indeed.
> Monique
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