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Just curious is this educational type film as opposed to feature films and
thus small companies as opposed to Criterion and Audio Cine ( or whatever it
is called) ?. I know Canadian copyright is very restrictive and I have not
heard of American companies having such agreements but perhaps some do.
Since PPR is not required in the US for classroom use it is probably not


> I am new to this VIDEOLIB list and our institution is fairly new to the
> collecting in any big way of videos, DVD, and other media materials. We buy
> all of our materials with public performance rights (generally, the faculty
> want to show them in their classrooms), but lately we've noticed that the
> vendors are also asking us to sign licence agreements as well, in which they
> place other restrictions on our use and disposition of the video -- for
> example, that we can't give it away to another institution or individual, or
> that we can't even destroy it even though we do own the physical item. I've
> explained to one of them that it is unlikely we'd be doing either, and that in
> any case if we gave a video away it would be with the understanding that
> copyright would apply and PPR would not transfer, and that if we destroyed it
> there would be nothing anybody could appropriate anyway.
> I'm wondering whether this is a fairly common agreement which you just go
> ahead and sign routinely, or whether you've considered it unnecessary and
> inappropriate restrictions on your institution's use/disposition of materials
> which it owns.
> Many thanks for any advice.
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