Re: [Videolib] Illegal copies? Need Advice

deg farrelly (
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 18:11:16 -0700

I do not disagree with the comments that others have made about the
responsibilities of the media manager in: communicating copyright law and
policies, speaking directly to the offending faculty member, seeking advice
from university legal counsel, etc.

But one word of caution...

In many states, including Indiana, library circulation records are
confidential. It is against the law to reveal what an individual has

So, in dealing with legal counsel or department chairs, you cannot indicate
that "Professor X borrowed "Sopranos Season 1, Lord of the Rings, and Debbie
Does Dallas" (OK I made that last one up), and stay within the law yourself.

Usually Circulation records can only be released with a search warrant or
other court ordered authorization.

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