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Hullo Sarah!

Aforementioned schtick is posted in powerpoint at

A few caveats: it's stripped of all the nifty media bells and whistles
(including Groucho Marx quotes and a video clip from the Blob that's
probably patently illegal). Also: it's a few years old (but stuff hasn't
changed all that much--except for the advent of the TEACH Act)

Let me know if you have questions.

The rest of the summer FTP was devoted to hands-on work with BlackBoard,
PowerPoint, online library resources, etc.


At 03:51 PM 3/9/2005 -0500, you wrote:

>How little is the "schtick" and is it shareable? We have some woefully
>ignorant faculty members I would like to educate at our Tech Institute
>this summer. What else is covered in the Technology Symposium?
>Sarah Johnson
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>I think Lori has an excellent (and vital) point here (something I didn't
>think to say in my earlier rush to spout off): In all things
>policy-related and faculty-related (particularly faculty
>it's absolutely imperative to get administrative buy-in and avoid
>surprises. As Lori's case also points out: it's best to get the
>and to do the administrative education before the crisis hits.
>It's useful (if possible) to take a lead on campus in pro-active
>instruction re issues related to copyright. Each summer I've been
>to give my little copyright and fair use schtick at a well-attended
>Technology Symposium; I've similarly been working with campus involved
>in a
>big Mellon Grant on campus re issues of copyright. Any forum on campus
>which you can get your 2 cents in is good.
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