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I think Lori has an excellent (and vital) point here (something I didn't
think to say in my earlier rush to spout off): In all things
policy-related and faculty-related (particularly faculty problem-related),
it's absolutely imperative to get administrative buy-in and avoid
surprises. As Lori's case also points out: it's best to get the support
and to do the administrative education before the crisis hits.

It's useful (if possible) to take a lead on campus in pro-active
instruction re issues related to copyright. Each summer I've been invited
to give my little copyright and fair use schtick at a well-attended Faculty
Technology Symposium; I've similarly been working with campus involved in a
big Mellon Grant on campus re issues of copyright. Any forum on campus in
which you can get your 2 cents in is good.


At 11:34 AM 3/9/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>If you have a contact with your legal department, (and even if you
>don't) you should set up a meeting with them to explore this and other
>issues. You should first speak with your Chief to get their take on this
>situation and for any further advice on how to proceed. Several years
>ago I had a senior faculty member do exactly what you have described. I
>spoke with my Chief, whose concept of copyright issues at that point in
>time was limited. Once I explained the situation and illustrated with
>examples of copyright violation to him, the faculty member was asked in
>for a meeting. Once the issues concerned were explained to him in this
>forum, he stopped. We were prepared to go to the Chair of his department
>as well as our campus legal counsel. This approach not only gave him an
>education but he was able to pass the word around to the other culprits
>(across the curriculum) who did not care about copyright law and were
>copying away at their leisure or its impact on educational institutions
>we now see today.
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>Subject: [Videolib] Illegal copies? Need Advice
>I believe this situation may have come up before. I need your advice.
>Recently, a work-study student overheard a faculty member say that he
>was making copies of videos from our media teaching and research
>collection for his own personal use. He also remarked that he had
>checked with our legal department and they told him it was okay for him
>to do so. Our circ records show that this faculty member has checked out
>30 videos in the past month--all contemporary and popular titles, like
>The Sopranos, and the LoTR trilogy.
>Because I was not an eyewitness to this event, this is hearsay.
>However, we trust our work-study students enough to believe that they
>are telling the truth.
>We don't label our videos, nor do we remind people not to make copies of
>our videos. We would hope that our faculty would do the right thing and
>not make illegal copies.
>My question to you, or feel free to provide your own comments:
>Do I confront the faculty member and ask him if he is making illegal
>copies for his personal collection?
>Should I call our legal department and try to find out who told this
>person that it was okay to make copies?
>If he admits that he is making copies, is it my job to tell him to stop?
>Or, remind him that the teaching and research collection is for
>classroom instruction only?
>How would you handle the situation?
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