Re: [Videolib] Illegal copies? Need Advice

LeeAnne Krause (
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:16:55 -0500


<<Do I confront the faculty member and ask him if he is making illegal
copies for his personal collection?

** Since he admitted to it freely, he is probably sincere in thinking
it's legal. I wouldn't "confront" him in any hostile way, but I would
conversationally ask him how he's using them, in order to get to the
bottom of the matter.

<<Should I call our legal department and try to find out who told this
person that it was okay to make copies?


<<If he admits that he is making copies, is it my job to tell him to
Or, remind him that the teaching and research collection is for
classroom instruction only?

** Yes, it's your job. As media librarians, we can't always know or
control what people do with our materials when they leave the building.
But it is very much our responsibility to inform our patrons what are
appropriate uses, when situations such as these crop up. We're the
media professionals, so one of our unfortunate but necessary tasks is to
do what we can to ensure that our collection is used legally.


LeeAnne L. Krause, Manager
Educational Films Collection
University of South Carolina

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