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Would be nice if there were an up-to-date body of literature on video
librarianship, but there ain't. The book I edited a few years back
(Video Collection Development in Multitype Libraries. Greenwood press)
distills the collective wisdom of many knowledgeable veterans in the
filed... Many of the books that defined the field of video/media
librarianship are now either out of print or getting a bit dusty (check out
the works of Jim Scholtz, Sally Mason Robinson, et al).

You could do worse than to tip-toe thru the videolib archives for a
refresher on specific topics and issues.

You might want to take a look the web site developed in connection with a
VRT video basics program a number of years back:

The number of courses in library schools specifically devoted to
film/video/sound (as opposed to broader categories such as New Media) can
be counted on one hand.


At 03:48 PM 3/7/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings, all. I'm not a new librarian but I find myself now responsible
>for a large video collection. What books or short courses do you recommend
>to help me get up to speed?
>Teresa Faust
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