[Videolib] ACRL conference in Minneapolis

Bergman, Barbara J (barbara.bergman@mnsu.edu)
Fri, 4 Mar 2005 16:29:12 -0600

Anybody attending the ACRL conference in Minneapolis next month?

If yes, you may have noticed on the program that Friday is "dinner with

There will be an invitation to sign up for a supper group coming out
I have volunteered to make the arrangements for a VRT and/or media
librarian gathering.
(Anyone wanting to sway the vote on type of restaurant has until Monday
to contact me.)
Reservations will probably be for 7:15pm.

Not to dissuade anyone from joining the group, but other options that
night in downtown Minneapolis include The Twins (7:10), the Timberwolves
(8:30), the Minnesota Orchestra (8:00), The Lion King at the Orpheum,

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about what to see and do in
the Twin Cities. I might have answers. :-)

Barb Bergman
Media Services Librarian
Minnesota State University-Mankato
(507) 389-5945

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