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Hi Lesley (& other interested parties)!

We run several concurrent film series here on Wednesdays. The first and
third Wed. evening of every month we run two "Classic" film series, which
concentrate on noteworthy American films. These usually have some sort of
theme (Film Noir, Musical Drama, featured director, featured actor, etc.)
over a three-five month period. The second Wed afternoon of every month is
dedicated to Foreign Language features and the fourth Wed afternoon of every
month is dedicated to Documentaries, generally American. I also will often
try to insert 'bonus' titles revolving around holidays, special events, etc.
For example, last year we ran a series of Beatles-themed films in honor of
their 40th anniversary of coming to America.

We do a lot of film programs--averaging 50-60 titles a year, and they are
VERY popular with our patrons (probably the most consistently popular
programming we offer!). The average attendance for the classic films is
around 60, foreign around 90, and documentary around 50. The audience tends
towards retirees, as does our community.

We list the upcoming titles on our website and in our quarterly programming
guides for publicity.

We purchase a blanket license from Movie Licensing USA. We have not yet
signed on to Film Movement, but are considering it.

I hope that helps!


Blane Halliday
AV Acquisitions Librarian
Collier County Public Library
2385 Orange Blossom Drive
Naples, Florida 34109
239-593-3511, ext. 45

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Hi All,

I'm interested in starting a film series at our public library and
would be interested if anyone has suggestions or resources they could
share. We have a collection of titles from the Film Movement and have
purchased a blanket agreement to cover PPR. I would value any advice
from selection to publicity.

Many thanks,
Lesley Lundgren

Lesley Lundgren
Librarian & Exhibit Coordinator
Art Music & Audiovisual Services
Allen County Public Library
(260) 421-1200 ext. 2101

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