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My library is not a Film Movement subscriber, so I cannot make an informed
comment on their general policies, but in this case a warning may be
warranted. Alexandra's Project is a nasty narrative. The strong sexual
content comes second to the emotional toll it takes on the viewer, though. I
felt like I had been dug out with a spoon.
Watch the movie, and decide for yourself.

Will Meredith

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This reminded me of something I meant to ask other Film Movement
We got a recent title, Alexandra's Project, with a letter and warning
label!! The letter says it has nudity and strong sexual content. Are
other libraries using this label? Do any of you normally "warn" your
patrons? I am frankly a bit put off by this. Everyday I hear of one more
ugly head rearing by this wave of anti-free speech, FCC paranoia, Karl
Rovism! I love the Film Movement series but as a video selector for a large
public library, I like to think that my patrons can decide for themselves
whether or not to watch a video.

But then again, maybe I need to take this film home and watch it!
Nothing like a warning label to garner a film lots of circulation numbers.

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Eileen Simmons wrote:

>We are now beginning our second year using Film Movement titles as the basis for a film series. I'm sure you know you already get one public performance right with these titles if you subscribe to the series. I prescreen all the titles, and pick those I think are the best for the series. (The others just go into the circulating collection right away) I have been showing them Sept. through April or May, taking a break during the summer. > >We have a devoted following, with audiences anywhere from 30-60, with very little PR effort. We schedule the films on the second Sunday of the month (and call the series Second Sundays-hopefully a mnemonic for people), at 2 p.m. We try to make it clear that most of these are unrated, and may not be suitable for children. We get a good number of seniors and then an assortment of other ages. > >Eileen Simmons >Assistant Director/Head of Reference >Everett Public Library >2702 Hoyt Ave. >Everett, WA 98201 >425.257.8022 > > -----Original Message----- >From: [] On Behalf Of Lesley Lundgren >Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 10:46 AM >To: >Subject: [Videolib] Film Series > >Hi All, > >I'm interested in starting a film series at our public library and >would be interested if anyone has suggestions or resources they could >share. We have a collection of titles from the Film Movement and have >purchased a blanket agreement to cover PPR. I would value any advice >from selection to publicity. > > >Many thanks, >Lesley Lundgren > > > >Lesley Lundgren >Librarian & Exhibit Coordinator >Art Music & Audiovisual Services >Allen County Public Library >(260) 421-1200 ext. 2101 > > >_______________________________________________ >Videolib mailing list > > > >_______________________________________________ >Videolib mailing list > > > > > >

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