[Videolib] help w/AV task force proposal

Madeline Copp (mcopp@jhu.edu)
Tue, 01 Mar 2005 12:26:15 -0500

Dear VideoLib Members,

I have found that my institution has created policies and procedures
for our AV material in a very decentralized way so I've proposed
appointing a task force to find, review, and revise all of the AV
policies and procedures. Because AV materials cross all subject areas
and include service to a variety of locations, I recommended having a
good cross-section of individuals representing all of the concerned

Topics for the Task Force may include:
-Selection of AV materials (e.g., what formats, preferable formats, any
exclusions, collection development policies, etc.)
-Acquiring AV materials (especially films)
-Cataloging and Preservation
-Circulation and Reserves procedures and policies
-Promotion and education of the collection
-Streaming video and other electronic materials
-Public Performance Rights

I was wondering if anyone has done this in the past and would be
willing to share documents and what they experienced/learned with me.
I'd be very grateful for any help and/or advise.

Many thanks,

Madeline A. Copp, Resource Services Librarian
(English * Film & Media Studies * Writing Seminars * Humanities
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
Johns Hopkins University
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