[Videolib] Cut It Out! (Was Military Ads on Chanel One)

LeeAnne Krause (LLKRAUSE@gwm.sc.edu)
Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:48:46 -0500

Let's keep this professional please. We're all educators of some sort,
and we all have the privilege and duty to handle lots of materials, even
those we don't necessarily agree with. Argumentation and debate over
professional matters is useful, but now we're bickering. If I wanted to
hear folks snipe about their political views, I'd go to my mother's

Folks gonna watch the Oscars? There's lots of fine actors who had been
nominated previously and lost, so hopefully we won't see to many
"sympathy" wins this year...

Have a wonderful evening,

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University of South Carolina

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>>> iu8film@iu08.org 2/24/2005 4:33:11 PM >>>
Apparently, you missed the "jingoistic" point of my comment.
Being the good "fanatically patriotic" (jingoistic, as defined by
whatever dictionary you wish to use or this one
http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=jingoistic ),
I'll explain that if it wasn't for our military, we'd all be speaking
German, or any other of a number of languages of countries who would
have had no qualms in conquering this great land if it was not
defended....paraphrased from the popular bumper sticker:
"If you can read this, thank a teacher...if it's in English, thank a

And by the way, Brian...I am VERY patriotic, and am NEVER embarrassed
that. I believe in the United States of America...if that is
"jingoistic", then I need a freakin Tee Shirt that says so.
Heyyyyyy...being the Capitalistic state that it is, I could make some
cash on that too!!

Don't go stealing my idea now...


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I know this whole thread is off-topic, and I hope we can restrain
ourselves in the future from waxing political. I do want to add that
is hurtful for me to see that anyone with a modicum of intelligence
we have all seemed to be) would be so full of "faith" as to ask the
of us to disregard our training and professionalism in discerning what
is factual from what is not. Aren't all the librarians in this group
agreement that we are supposed to, in part, help people discover the
facts of any particular subject? Does it not follow that if something
proven to be so, we can, and maybe even have the duty to, point our
patrons (and anyone else) to those facts? Our national presses have
stopped "digging for the truth", turning instead to providing useless
"he said/she said" (forgive the sexism inherent in that cliche, ok?)
articles, accentuating the public's ignorance rather than helping to
eliminate it. Should we fall blindly in line as well? Mark's
crack about the language a declining majority of our nation speaks is
wholly out of place in this forum also, I would think. Bryan Griest
Glendale Public Library

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"....And there is no shame in being against the current U.S.
administration and its misguided wars either--they are not being
my opinions or your opinions or for any reasonable concept of freedom


Then certainly, there's no shame in SUPPORT of our current
administration and the proud tradition of service to our country in
United States Military.

We will never all agree on what is misguided, and what is fact. We can
exchange all day long, with profound abilities learned from a cadre of
Educators that we owe a debt of gratitude. I'm just happy and thankful
to the military that it's in ENGLISH!


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