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I personally found the article very interesting. The recruiters no longer have to come to the schools, they can feed their messages everyday in the classroom setting. A very effective way to recruit indeed. Gone are the days of Uncle Sam posters. I too believe that the article is is dealing with "Educational video" in the

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I'm with Meghann on this one. We are media professionals are we not?
Talking about video use in schools is more relevant than talking about pro
baseball, which (I confess) largely bores me to tears, and yet there seems
to be no problem with the occasional Cubs reference! There's always the
delete key...

Debbie Benrubi

At 10:27 AM 2/24/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Ronald Roby wrote: "This is not the place for political propaganda."
>I don't consider this posting as political propaganda. It was a news
>story (admittedly with a slant, but without any additional added rhetoric
>by the poster) about media and video and its use in schools. I think this
>is relevant to a list concerning video use and education.
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>>This is not the place for political propaganda.
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