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Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Thu, 17 Feb 2005 08:32:32 -0800

>The 27th National Media Market will be held September 28th to October
>2nd, 2005 at the newly renovated Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.
>The National Media Market presents an exceptional opportunity for media
>professionals who purchase for public libraries, universities,
>media/technology centers and educational broadcasting to screen the
>newest releases from more than fifty prominent producers and
>distributors of documentary and special interest programs. Flexible
>screening schedules allow ample time to interact with executives and
>commercial representatives who supply your content and technology.
>In addition to over 2,000 hours of available programming, a wide variety
>of professional development activities, workshops and personal
>networking time make this event an invaluable experience. First time
>attendees receive special attention to help them make the most of their
>time at the Market.
>Discount coupons are given to every Market attendee.
>To request more detailed information and learn how you can register for
>the premier event in our industry, contact me at 520.743.7735 or send
>email to uschwarz@earthlink.net. You can also visit our website:
>www.nmm.net <http://www.nmm.net/>
>I look forward to hearing from you!
>For the NMM Board of Directors, Ursula Schwarz, Executive Director
>National Media Market
>P.O. Box 87410
>Tucson, AZ 85754-7410
>Fax: 520.743.7643
>Peter Mason
>Medianet/Dymaxion Research Ltd
>5515 Cogswell St, Halifax NS Canada B3J 1R2
>E-mail: PMason@Dymaxion.ca
>Phone: (902)422-1973 x 151 Fax: (902)421-1267
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