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> Be aware that neither is exclusive or all inclusive. If you go down that
> road, you 'need' to do both and that results in 'double dipping' on some
> titles and lack of coverage for some titles at the same time. The big
> problem in my mind is that they don't give companies like Kino a fair deal
> if anything at all.

well for course they don't give us anything as we would NEVER have any
contract with them. They are both sub contractors for major studio product
and frankly I expect either one gives you enough to choose from in terms
of standard entertainment & children's films. I have two qualms but they
would not be related to your choice of company. The one thing you should be
careful is to make sure the provide with a COMPLETE TITLE list and a way to
check updates. Generally they just sell you by listing all the companies
they cover but this leads to more than a few mistakes. Warner Bros releases
the Chaplin films but they have NO PUBLIC SCREENING RIGHTS so if you
believed that ANY film on the WB label was covered you could get in real
trouble. There are hundreds of titles like this though they are mostly
foreign, independent & classic films on as opposed to big box office titles
Bottom line ALWAYS CHECK each title against a list provided. Don't assume a
film is automatically covered if video/dvd is released by company on the
list they license.

The second issue is much more interesting but nothing to do with your
specific needs. These companies sell "blanket" licenses which as I
understand do not require you to report which films you actually show
which means that no monies are actually reported to SPECIFIC titles. They
basically pay each studio based on the perceived popularity of their titles
but by NOT keeping track of what is shown they( the studios) NEVER have to
pay any ROYALTIES to anyone involved in a specific film you may show. Kino
could NEVER participate in such an arrangement as we are obliged legally and
morally to split royalties on any public showings of our films. The majority
of our contracts call for 50/50 splits in all film rentals which is the same
as public video showing

Anyone on this list friendly with people at DGA,SAG or the WGA ? because
members are getting ripped off


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