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These days most publishers require authors to clear the use of any stills in
books they publish. I think your list is going to be really difficult to
track down. I would start by checking either New York Times or Variety for
the original distributor ( if they had theatrical distribution). He also
could either go himself or pay someone to track down copyright holder
through the Copyright office at the Library of Congress. However the really
tricky part is that film rights often change hands over the years and
determining who owns each of them now may not be so easy.

Good Luck

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> Subject: [Videolib] film stills for publication
> Hi,
> I hesitate to bring up yet another permissions/copyright/etc. question,
> but what the heck.
> I am trying to help an author figure out how to get permissions to use
> stills as illustrations in his soon-to-be published book. He needs both
> the stills themselves, and permission information. He is working with a
> list of about 25 films, most of which are low budget, rock music horror
> films, some not readily available. It looks to me like many of the
> films he wants were produced in the 1980's. A few are available on video
> or DVD so I am assuming that he needs to make the stills himself(?). Then
> the question of permissions. Does anyone really have to give permission
> to use "Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare" for anything? I suppose so....
> Some of the other titles:
> etc. You get the picture. Again, I think his interest is in films from
> the 1980's (some of these same titles were used 70 or 80 years earlier
> for quite different sorts of films, to say the least).
> I can get the entire list from him, with dates, or put him directly in
> touch with one of you folks who might want to advise him.
> Thanks for any advice you can offer.
> Glenda Pearson
> Cinema Studies Librarian
> University of Washington Libraries
> Seattle, Washington 98195
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