Re: [Videolib] The Exiles, by Kent MacKenzie

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"The Exiles" has been distributed by UC Extension in Berkeley. Rather
than calling Gary (who, though also in Berkeley, has no connection to
UC Extension), it would be better to call UC Extension itself.

They are not officially closing their media distribution unit until
June 2005, so it's at least possible they have a cassette of this
they could sell you. It's doubtful if they would accept a rental or
preview at this point, but of course only they could answer that.

Call Richard Wilson at UC Extension at 510-642-0460. Or email him at He is in charge of the media
distribution closure process there and he is the only one there
familiar with the media collection.

Blaise P.
Berkeley Media LLC

At 3:12 PM -0500 2/14/05, Maureen Tripp wrote:
>Does anyone know where this film can be purchased, rented, or previewed?
>It is a documentary about displaced Native Americans.
>Thanks for any information.
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