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11 Feb 2005 16:45:02 -0000

I don't know if Cheech and Chong films are early enough (1970s-1980s), but
I heard a recent interview with Tommy Chong on NPR. Chong talks a little about
how he and Cheech Marin use Hispanic stereotypes in their comedy and films.
They're working on a new movie, tentatively titled "Grumpy Old Stoners."

Tommy Chong: Free, and Back on the Road

Michael May
Appleton, Wisconsin

VCU is looking for stereotypes of Hispanics (Latinos, Chicanos) in

> television or film (not contemporary). We already have Zorro, Speedy
> Gonzales, and Chico and the Man (where can we get this last one?). We

> also have the /Carmen Moranda Bananas/ are My Business documentary and

> the Bronze Screen doc.
> We reviewed Gary's great list of Hispanic
related docs from the Univ.
> Berkely site and Viewing Race site.
Suggestions? Ideas?
> Thanks!!!!
> Nell Chenault
> VCU Libraries

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