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What kind of recommendations are you looking for? Critical from film
critics, or librarians, or the public. You might try one of Facets
catalogs. A few years ago, they published one that was called something
like "The movie lover's catalog." It had a huge number of lists in it.
Also, Amazon has lists of their top sellers in a genre. And I know that
a few years ago, Booklist did a core horror film list, some of which
were newer. Hope this helps.


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Dear movie friends,
I would like to spruce up the library's movie collection by purchasing
some newer horror films, things made since the 1980's. I have tried to
find lists of recommended horror films but am having little luck. I
know if I page through Videohound or a similar reference book I will
find some but I am hoping a bibliography of best new horror films
already exists. Any suggestions?

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
Duluth MN
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