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We get a discount and free shipping from Baker & Taylor
Entertainment, and orders come within the week when in
stock. 3 copies of the invoice comes with the shipment.
I've also used Distribution Video & Audio (DV&A) and have
been please with them so far (except that they don't cite
our PO# on the invoice) Facets is another good one. All
have on-line ordering, though B&T's is a bit klunky.

We tried using Ambassador Media as a jobber, but order
fulfillment took too long (3-4 wks) which doesn't fly in our
environment. 95% of the video requests I receive are patron
notifies or for course reserve.

Hope this helps...

Chris McN

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Hello All. Our Library Acquisitions dept is unhappy with the
way Movies Unlimited does their invoicing. Does anyone use a
jobber for their "mainstream" video/DVD purchases? Or do you
have favored vendors? You can reply to me off-list if you

Thank you!


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