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Gary Handman wrote:

> Hi all
> Since we don't collect much in the way of standard texts on
> screenwriting, I'm flipping this e-reference query over to the list
> for consideration and advice.
> Gary
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>> Hello, I am a librarian at a medium sized public library in
>> Broomfield, CO looking to expand our collection with some particular
>> subjects as requested by some of our public library patrons. I am
>> looking for some recommended industry standard guides for writing
>> original movie screen plays. Thanks you in advance for sharing your
>> expertise on this subject,
>> Stacy McKenzie
>> Reference Librarian
>> Broomfield Public Library
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This book isn't a standard guide to screenplay writing, but it is a
great book full of the stories of directors who got into the film
business in unconventional ways.

_Breaking In: how 20 film directors got their start_ */ Nicholas
Jarecki, 1979-
OCLC:* 47100881, ISBN: 0767906748

Andrew Horton has written a number of books on screenwriting. among them
_Laughing Out Loud: Writing the comedy centered screenplay_
_Writing the character-centered Screenplay_
__Screenwriting for a global Market: Selling your Scripts from Hollywood
to Hong Kong_

Steve Brantley

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