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We have had difficulty with DVD-Rs (purplish playing surfaces) not playing
on some PCs and some older DVD players. Given that our customers are public
libraries and one can hardly assume much of a uniformity in playback
equipment among those libraries' patrons, this seems like a problem. Having
apprised one particularly fecund vendor of short, over-priced, yet popular
video materials of the problem, we were informed that his intention was to
keep using DVD-R technology rather than "professional" pressing because it
saved him money. Given that this vendor's 12-20 min. VHS programs typically
sell for $35-$40, and that he's putting out 12-20 min. DVD programs at
slightly higher prices, I'm expecting returns to become an issue.

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Hi Barbara,

DVD+R and DVD-R discs can have a purplish-blue tinge to them (or
or clear). These can be created individually using a computer; it does not,
however, mean that the DVD in question is a "bootleg" (although if you are
talking about a major theatrical release or any studio title then I would
say that it almost certainly is). But many smaller producers are now
releasing titles on DVD+R and DVD-R, and these are perfectly legit.



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> Videofolk--I do not as yet deal with DVDs, so I am ignorant on how to
> answer this question. I have a librarian who called to ask if you could
> indeed tell that if a DVD or CD was a bootleg by the color of the disc, as

> in the disc in question was had a purplish-blue cast on the play side
> rather than the customary silver. This sounds bogus to me--the
> bootleggers would be out of business if their discs were that easy to
> spot--but I lack real world experience to back up my supositions. Can you

> lovely people help? I haven't ever run into odd colored DVDs in my
> limited personal experience.
> Thanks,
> Barbara Rhodes
> Media Consultant
> Northeast Texas Library System
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