Re: [Videolib] DVD disc colors?

deg farrelly (
Mon, 07 Feb 2005 17:13:10 -0700

We recently acquired an independently produced and distributed title that
disappeared on it's first circulation.

While the borrower admitted to having lost the disc, he refused to pay the
replacement charge because he assumed the colorful disc indicated that we
had loaned to him a copy we burned for the loan.

(Eventually he paid for the replacement)

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> From: Randy Pitman <> > Subject: Re: [Videolib] DVD disc colors? > > Hi Barbara, > > DVD+R and DVD-R discs can have a purplish-blue tinge to them (or greenish, > or clear). These can be created individually using a computer; it does not, > however, mean that the DVD in question is a "bootleg" (although if you are > talking about a major theatrical release or any studio title then I would > say that it almost certainly is). But many smaller producers are now > releasing titles on DVD+R and DVD-R, and these are perfectly legit. > > Best,

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