Chris McNevins (Chris.McNevins@uconn.edu)
Fri, 4 Feb 2005 17:10:39 -0500

Oh, video gurus....

I plead thee help me!!

Does anyone out there know if the BBC/Northern Ireland
serial EUREKA STREET is available ANYWHERE on video?

Eureka Street
Contemporary Belfast as you've never seen it before is the
backdrop for this funny and moving urban drama. Lovelorn
debt collector and reformed hard-man Jake is not having a
good year. Meanwhile, his best friend Chuckie, a no-hoper
and "fat-git" from Eureka Street, pulls off a cheeky scam,
and now he's on a roll....
Starring: Vincent Regan, Mark Benton, Elisabeth Rohm,
Dervla Kirwan
Writer: Donna Franceschild (based on the novel by Robert
McLiam Wilson)
Director: Adrian Shergold
A Euphoria Films Production for BBC Northern Ireland in
Association with RTE.
Genre: Serial
Channel: BBC2
Year Of First Transmission: 1999

Chocolate hearts go to the first one to give me any info...

: )

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