[Videolib] Showing parts of a film

Redmond, Shauna (SRedmond@cityofpasadena.net)
Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:52:14 -0800


Pardon me if this question is just a rehash of a similar topic that has
recently been batted around, but I am asking for a colleague who is not a
member of the list, so I was hoping for an answer for this specific
situation re: public performance rights.

Our young adult librarian is having an anime program in a couple of weeks,
and wondered if he is within legal copyright bounds by planning to show
10-minute clips from some of our library's DVD and VHS anime collection.
His program will be open to the (teen) public, and there will be other
activities taking place around the anime and manga theme.

Any comments (on- or off-list) to me are appreciated.


Shauna Redmond
Pasadena Public Library

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