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Thu, 03 Feb 2005 12:43:05 -0500

Either way it is still unfair and unreasonable.


>>> I agree with Gary--if you want to establish two-tiered pricing, be up front
>>> about it. While I have a philosophical problem with two-tiered pricing
>>> because of what it implies about how we use materials, I also understand
>>> that some folks need the additional $$ for future productions.
>> I'm not quite so understanding. Why unfairly charge us for what might be
>> done? It is not so different from what book publishers tried to do to
>> libraries early on. First they tried to close them down, and also tried a
>> different pricing scheme. But today they don't try to charge more for books
>> sold to libraries because someone might scan it and place it on the web.
> It's been my understanding that the rationale for two-tiered pricing
> structures is not necessarily the use of the item, but the assumed budgets
> of the institutions... i.e. that a college/university will be more able
> to pay the triple digit price tag than a school media center or public
> library. Not that I agree -- we all know how wildly budgets vary across
> those borders -- but this is the impression that I've gotten from talking
> to vendors, etc.
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