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We had an independent filmmaker do the same to us. We purchased his title
through a third party for about $25.00, then, about a year later receive a
letter telling us that we needed to pay him public performance rights
directly--an additional $80 or $100 or something. I too quoted section
110, but he refused to listen. I finally told him that his beef was with
his third party distributor, not with us, and go ahead and sue us. Never
heard from him again.

I agree with Gary--if you want to establish two-tiered pricing, be up front
about it. While I have a philosophical problem with two-tiered pricing
because of what it implies about how we use materials, I also understand
that some folks need the additional $$ for future productions.

Just a few thoughts too early in the morning.

At 05:20 PM 2/2/2005, you wrote:
>Inkwell Images found our listing for "Out of the Inkwell" in the online
>SFSU media catalog several years ago. Our contact with them was much the
>same, and since out copy was legally purchased and is used in face-to-face
>teaching, we saw no need to respond.
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